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Dental Hygiene

Fillings are one of the most common, and most important, dental procedures. By removing a cavity and restoring your tooth surface loss with a filling, we are saving that tooth, its root, and its nerves. If you don't care of a small cavity with a filling, the cavity may grow so large and deep that the tooth may need more extensive treatment, such as a root canal and crown. In some cases the cavity can become so large that the tooth may not be able to be saved and may require an extraction. Not to mention that some of these procedures can also cost more than a filling. So it's very important to take care of a small cavity with a filling.


When filling a tooth, the dentist will remove the decay by using a dental drill. After removing all of the cavity, the dentist will fill in the space with a filling material. Here at All Care Dental, we use the most advanced materials to ensure durability. All of our filling materials are composites, which are also known as white fillings. Composite is just as strong as the amalgam, or silver filling, but it looks much better because we can match it to be almost the same color as your teeth.


We also use state of the art LED curing lights, which emit a bright blue light that makes the composite material hard and strong when it's in the patient's mouth. With our advanced LED curing lights, the time it takes to cure, or strengthen, the composite material is reduced substantially. This allows us to complete the treatment in a shorter amount of time. Though most fillings are commonly used to treat cavities, they may also help save teeth that are cracked or broken, or teeth that are damaged by teeth grinding, nail biting or any other type of tooth trauma.

Your comfort is always important to us. At All Care Dental, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technology. We take care to make sure that every treatment, including fillings, is as painless as possible, making sure it's done not only quickly, but also efficiently.